So, I’ve decided that things are getting really busy in my life, and I’m left with the choice to fail or go on hiatus. So, unfortunately, I have to leave for a bit.

Thank you guys for sticking with me, and I promise I’ll be back some day. I love you all <3

Sorry everyone! I’ve been SO busy between school and basketball I haven’t had time to come online at ALL. I swear, I’ll try to be online every day from here again.

Life is like a book. Just cause one chapter closes, doesn't mean the book is over. So live life, and don't skip to the end.

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Admin Opportunity!

Want to be an admin for my new promo group?


mbf me

Must be an active 1D or multifandom blog

Reblog this post once (likes stay on facebook)

Must reach 20+ notes

Chances are stronger if:

Submit to me here telling me why you should be an admin

Submit there also if you have over 2.5k followers

…and that’s it! I’ll be picking two or three next Sunday, January 27th. 

Good luck!

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